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Prayers for Our City

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May 29, 2020

The headlines on the front page of the Star Tribune yesterday morning told of the violent protests in response to the death of George Floyd – alongside news that the US had surpassed 100,000 deaths due to coronavirus.

I stayed up late Thursday night watching the news coverage from the streets of Minneapolis, as the protests over the death of Mr. Floyd, who was killed by the police earlier in the week, escalated into destructive riots. It was surreal to hear the governor had called out the National Guard to bring order back to the streets of Minneapolis – and to see footage of the Precinct Three police station burning. The Star Tribune this morning had a map of all the buildings along Lake Street that were burned or looted or damaged last night, there were that many. As I write this, the news is still unfolding in regards to whether the police officers responsible for the death of George Floyd would be arrested.

Luke 19:41 came to mind this morning: 

“As he [that is Jesus] came near the city, he wept over it…”

Like so many, I felt sickened at the news in our nation and our city this past week. We are being confronted by the realities of racial disparity that will no longer be ignored at the same time our country continues suffering from the coronavirus.

I struggle wondering how we can move forward. How can we move beyond the anger and pain and distrust that exists? How can we change the racial disparity that will no longer be silenced? How do we respond to the blatant violence that has shaken our state?

In the sadness of this Friday morning, all I know to do is say a prayer for peace, a prayer for the family and friends of George Floyd, and a prayer of comfort for all those facing the heartache caused by the coronavirus, a prayer for our state in need of healing.

Pastor Carol