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Church Music Director Job Description


  • $26.00 per hour dependent on experience
  • 10 hours per week. Personnel Committee will reassess required hours and adjust as needed
  • Personal time off (PTO) is subject to Pastor’s prior approval; and must find own substitute



  • To provide choral music for the divine worship, which enhances the service in a highly spiritual manner by providing a strength to the Pastor’s ministry and a blessing to the assembled congregation
  • Select music of a high level and from a wide range of literature in the Christian Church
  • At all times the music must be sensitive to the sacred calling of worship to God and not distracting from worship itself


Regular Office Hours

  • Weekly rehearsals on Wednesday night
  • Sunday morning worship at 10am service with a 30-minute warm-up before service
  • Called rehearsals on Saturday whenever necessary
  • Must be in the office at least one day per week with the Pastor



  • Directly responsible to the Pastor and Personnel Committee


Skills Required

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Able to work with minimum supervision
  • Christian commitment
  • Broad range of types of music
  • Ability to train choirs in choral techniques
  • Ability to direct choirs and organists in rehearsal and presentation of selected music
  • At a minimum Bachelor of Music



  • Choral conducting, prelude, postlude, offertory every Sunday
  • Choir Sunday during Advent
  • Choir Sunday at end of choir session
  • Choir music for funerals, when requested
  • With the consent of the pastor, invitations to sing in other churches accepted
  • Assist in selection of hired musical performers
  • Right of 1st refusal to play for all weddings and funerals
  • Music selection to be in the church office by Thursday at 11am
  • Provide music as needed for no more than ten additional services which may be scheduled (such as Lenten Wednesday services, Maundy Thursday, Easter, and Christmas)
  • Oversight of the Bell Choir and the Children’s Choir
  • Overseeing the Choral Scholar Program
  • Mentoring the Choral Accompanist


Performance Review

  • Annual review with the Pastor and Personnel Committee